Security Automation Systems, Inc. is a true systems integrator. We don’t manufacture and install proprietary control boards for our systems. We provide equipment from proven, experienced manufacturers.

We only provide and install 3rd party equipment, ensuring that our customers can always obtain parts from other sources, a must-have requirement for government and other organizations.

Security Automation Systems provides custom, integrated control systems for correctional and other government facilities. Our systems are designed around the requirements of our customers.


Access Control Systems

Security Automation Systems provides and installs access control systems from leading manufacturers, such as S2 Security and Gallagher.

We provide stand-alone systems and integrated systems that work with our correctional control systems, as well as a host of other products.

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Electric Security Fencing Systems

Gallagher electric security fencing systems DETER and detect attack and eliminate false alarms.

They also perform a valuable monitoring function on sections of the perimeter fence that are not easily seen due to reduced visibility. The Gallagher perimeter fencing systems are cost effective in both the short and long term, and are easy to maintain and repair, making them the perimeter security solution for facilities worldwide.

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Prison Control Systems

The heart of our Prison Control Systems (also known as Correctional Control Systems) is the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

This is the same type of equipment used to control systems in power plants, automotive manufacturing facilities, waste water treatment facilities, etc. PLCs are extremely reliable, are designed for use in potentially harsh environments, are designed around “solid state” technology (no moving parts), have very long life expectancies, and can control hundreds and even thousands of devices across distributed networks.

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Security Camera Systems

Security Automation Systems is experienced in installing a wide variety of security camera system equipment.

SAS provides and installs several types of cameras including IP (or network), cameras with built-in IR, thermal imaging cameras, etc. We are experienced in adding new cameras to existing facilities, as well as replacing older, obsolete cameras with IP megapixel cameras. Proper camera selection, placement, and adjustment are key elements to what level of video quality the system will provide. We can assist in selecting the correct security camera system for any application.

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