Video Visitation

Ultra-rugged enclosure, designed for use in offender-occupied areas.

The Security Automation Systems (SAS) Video Visitation System allows for the simplified control of multiple visitor and offender stations from a central control station. The same detention grade visitation units placed in the public area can be located directly in the housing area dayrooms, eliminating the need to move offenders (or the public) through your facility. This increases the safety and security of your facility while decreasing the burden on your staff.

Audio and video from any visitor station can be routed to any offender station. Visitation time length is configurable per the visitation operator. Features such as the monitoring of multiple visits, the ability to interrupt visits, providing real-time control of each visit and the ability to record one or more sessions concurrently allows you to take control of your visitation process.

Benefits of SAS Video Visitation:

  • Reduce offender and visitor movement within facility
  • Reduce the flow of contraband
  • Increase safety and security while decreasing burden on staff
  • Allows for greater flexibility in scheduling visits
  • Provides better control over the visitation process
  • Space-saving detention-grade housing
  • Any Visitor station can connect to any Offender station
  • Operator-friendly software which allows the user to: Monitor one or more visits at the same time, break into a visit and communicate to Visitor and Offender, Record one or more visits (option) and start or stop a visit as necessary

System Options

  • Mobile Units for Medical/Intake areas
  • Units for retrofit applications
  • Digital audio/video recording of one or more visits
  • Armored cord handsets with pushbutton volume control
  • Video Arraignment connectivity to on or off-site locations
  • Web-based scheduling
  • Self-scheduling kiosks
  • Interface with inmate management systems