Hancock County Jail

The Hancock County Commissioners and Sheriff Department contracted with Security Automation Systems (SAS) out of Indianapolis, IN to completely renovate the existing control systems, video systems, and audio systems.

The new control system:

»  2 touchscreen control stations

»  120 doors controlled
»  90 intercoms
»  50 utilities
»  80+ cameras
»  IP MegaPixel cameras

Capt. Andy Craig, Jail Commander, stated “In my opinion, Security Automation Systems is one of the best vendors that my facility deals with concerning quality products and customer service. I would strongly recommend Security Automation Systems to any facility looking for this type of work“.



At the jail, high capacity camera servers replaced the antiquated DVRs that were failing.

As an addition to this project, SAS also upgraded the video recording equipment for approximately 32 cameras at the Hancock County Courthouse, and 16 cameras at the Hancock County Emergency Management Center.

By having all county facilities on the same video recording platform, and connected via the county-wide network, allowed the county administrators remote access to the video recording systems. The county’s video systems can now be accessed using remote client software loaded on PCs and mobile devices.


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"As the Jail Commander, I have had the pleasure of working with Security Automation Systems (SAS) on two different projects. The new addition was a phased project and given our facility was occupied, SAS worked closely with me, my staff and the construction manager to make the turnover as quick and efficient as possible to minimize our down time. We only experienced approximately 30 minutes of actual down time. This is pretty impressive. "

Dave Hall
Jail Commander
Dearborn County

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