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“Since we have chose SAS, the response and the service has been second to none. I can’t say enough. I strongly and highly recommend SAS for anyone considering changing a control system in their jail.”
Sheriff, Dave Reynolds
Porter County Sheriff’s Office, Valparaiso, IN

Miami County Sheriff’s Office

“Located in Midwest Ohio, the Miami County Sheriff’s Office has two jails, essentially making this two projects in one.

Security Automation Systems staff onsite and in the office was extremely knowledgeable with regards to the system, the installation, as well as making sure they understood our needs and wants.  Any issues that arose were taken care of immediately and addressed to our satisfaction.  Customer service and support, though not needed much, continue to be a top priority for them and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. 

I would highly recommend SAS for any retrofit project.  In the future as we look to build new, I will be recommending SAS to our commissioners for that project as well.”  

Captain, Michael Marion
Troy, OH

Dewitt County Sheriff’s Office
“I would highly recommend Security Automation Systems. I have had the pleasure of working with them during our facility upgrade and am very satisfied with their work. The employees are professional, courteous, and have been there to assist even after the project was completed. SAS is one of the best vendors I have used and truly enjoy the much needed upgrade.”
Jail Administrator, Bill Giese
Clinton, IL
Office of Knox County Sheriff
“Last year the Knox Country Sheriff’s Department Jail began experiencing major problems with the automated cell door locking/unlocking system as well as exterior door locking/unlocking. Other problems began surfacing such as the intercom system and computers allowing us to view the surveillance cameras. Bids were sent out and Security Automation Systems (SAS) received the contract.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department is located in west central Illinois, approx. four hours from Indianapolis. After receiving the contract, employees from SAS arrived to assess in detail what was needed. A date was set for the work to begin and it was estimated to take two to four weeks for completion. SAS installed a new Non-Proprietary System, which was completed in six days. We have not had any problems with our new system.

I would highly recommend Security Automation System for any of your project needs.”

Sheriff, David L. Clague
Galesburg, IL
Office of Superintendent of Police
“Last year we built a brand new 42,000 square foot station where Security Automation Systems (SAS) provided a non-proprietary PLC based touchscreen control system. SAS provided three touchscreen stations customized for our new facility. They also provided a digital intercom system for the audio communications system. A digital video recording system was installed to support all the new camera and it included an interface to the touchscreens for camera call-up and display. An access control system was installed to support proximity readers, which was integrated with the new touchscreen system for automatic door opening. A data logging system was installed to record security transactions on the touchscreen system.

Not only is Security Automation Systems staff knowledgable on designing and installing these high-tech touch screen controls, but they are diligent in programming, testing, and training the end users.

If there is an issue with one of the cameras not working they can quickly remotely dial-in and troubleshoot the problem. They are quick to respond to phone calls and emails and are always friendly and courteous.

We are very happy with the system they have provided us and I would highly recommend them.”

Chief of Police, Mark J. Swistek
Michigan City, IN
The Multi-County Correctional Center
“As the Executive Director of the Multi-County Correctional Center, I must say it has been a pleasure working with Security Automation Systems (SAS) for the past two (2) years on two different projects within our jail.

SAS was recommended to us through a similar jail in the State of Ohio who has just completed projects in their jail that we needed to accomplish ourselves. The projects we needed to have done was a replacement of our intercom system and then a security system upgrade.

Obviously, as a jail administrator these types of projects bring great concern. My major concerns were the costs or these projects, design, engineering, and installation. Through the process of bidding these projects we found out that the pricing we received from SAS was more than competitive and very thorough when it came time to engineering and installing these projects. I can honestly say we did not have one change order on either project and we are totally happy with the quality of the systems in which they have installed for us.

We are now looking forward to having SAS install and replace a number of cameras within our jail. We are so glad we have SAS as a partner in our facility.”

Executive Director, Dale R. Osborn
Marion, OH
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Peterson Construction Company
“Peterson Construction recently completed the Ohio Reformatory for Women Lincoln Housing Replacement Project. Security Automation Systems was responsible for providing a new PLC-based touchscreen control system. From doing the required design, programming and panel assembly to the installation and termination of the head-end equipment, their staff was diligent and extremely knowledgeable. During construction, SAS attended many coordination meetings to help coordinate their work with the electrician. This helped to maintain the schedule and ensured a quality installation.

SAS helped to make this a successful project and the owner was extremely pleased at completion of the project. Peterson would recommend SAS as a Security Integrator and we look forward to the next project with them.”

Project Manager, Ryan Schuerman
Wapakoneta, OH
Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office
“I was asked to type of letter of recommendation for the SAS system which was recently installed in our main jail here in Ottawa County. I without hesitation do so.

We had a very outdated system since 1995 here in the jail. It was on its last leg and we began to research our options on a new system. Our IT department called around to some of the adjacent counties to see what system they had and if they would recommend it. Some has Stanley and they advised our IT department they wished they had SAS. After they were done with their researching, it was determined we would be going with SAS.

From the start of first contacting SAS, we were made to feel like we were their first priority. Once all of the financial obligations were taken care of, we were kept up to date the entire time of where they were in the process of building our system. They came on site and surveyed our layout and existing system and wiring. They were then able to start building our system.

Once the system was built, we went to their headquarters in Indianapolis and we were shown our new system and given an in depth demonstration as to how it would work. The control panel layout was very similar to our old system which made the transition for our deputies much easier to learn.

Nicole was our lead designer for the system. We were given a ballpark timeline as to how long the installation of the new system would be. Once Nicole and her team arrived here they went right to work. They worked long hours each day and we were up and running with our new system in a matter of days rather than weeks. They did not leave until all issues were resolved and the system was operating properly.

As with anything else, some issues did arise or my staff advised of some ideas as to improve it. Either a quick phone call or email to Nicole resulted in the system working as we wanted to. I would whole heartedly recommend SAS to any correctional facility looking to contract with SAS and would welcome any administrator in our area to come to our facility if they would like to see it for themselves.”

Captain, Kent C. Davis
Port Clinton, OH
County of Peoria Juvenile Detention Center
“Security Automation Systems, Inc., (SAS) recently replaced our older push button graphic door operating system and intercom system at the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center. The new touch screen system is extremely user friendly and easy to use. The updating of our legacy system was more than replacing the security door system. The system consists of a new door system, intercom system, camera call-up and a video recording, all in one easy to use integrated touch screen system.

Prior to the installation of the new automation system, a group of Detention Center staff and Management visited an onsite facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana. We found their staff to be knowledgeable, professional and able to answer all of our questions.

We are very happy with Security Automation Systems and our new system. I would strongly recommend Security Automation Systems, Inc. to any facility looking for this type of work.”

Superintendent, Brian Brown
Peoria, IL
Portage Police Department
“I wanted to take a moment and recognize Security Automation Systems for their management, expertise and direction in the installation of our security system in our new police department building. Their recommendations, knowledge and attention to our needs were very much appreciated and greatly assisted in the development of our department security protocols. If/when we had questions they were prompt with their responses and offered reasonable solutions to our needs. We are pleased with the way the system operates and would highly recommend them to any future agency looking for security installation services.”
Chief of Police, Troy J. Williams
Portage, IN
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Garmong Construction Services
“On behalf of Garmong Construction Services, I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Security Automation Systems. I had the opportunity to work with SAS on the Posey Co. (Indiana) renovation and expansion project. SAS was tasked with the design and implementation of a complete security electronic system. The project consisted of a new POD addition, capable of housing 210+ inmates and a total renovation to the existing county jail. The renovation included new holding cells, safe housing units, medical exam rooms, kitchen, as well as office and administrative areas.

The staff at SAS were incredible to work with. The team they have formed around this company is more than capable of delivering the best of service and quality to a customer. If a problem was found, they would always have a solution. When asked to provide additional input on the equipment and installation, they were able to do so with actual “real life” experiences. There was not a situation during the project that SAS could not deliver results.

It was a pleasure to work with the professionals at SAS and would appreciate to work with them again in the future.”

Project Manager, Joe Mattingly
Indianapolis, IN
Columbiana County Jail
“I am writing this letter to express my complete satisfaction with Security Automation Systems’ product and service. From the beginning of the project to upgrade the electronic controls at the Columbiana County Jail, the sales and field technicians were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The project consisted of replacing the antiquated push button controllers with computer touchscreens to operate the 100 cell doors, Sallyport gates, and numerous other functions even after the project has been completed. I am happy to recommend the services and products of Security Automations System.”
Warden, Tom Machie
Lisbon, OH
Danville Public Building Commission
“Last year we began a project to upgrade the Vermilion County Jail Security System. To say the existing system was obsolete would be an understatement as it was installed around 2003. Several major components of the system had failed and after going out for bid, SAS emerged as the low bidder. Once the bid was awarded SAS immediately began working on the project by quickly gathering all required information to design and build the system off site at their facility. Communication was excellent, even including a trip by Jail and Maintenance personnel to SAS to view the progress and comment on any changes that should be made.

SAS retrofitted the touchscreen control system and data-logging system with a non-proprietary system, replacing the Allen-Bradley PLC equipment with Omron PLC equipment. Four new touchscreen stations were installed and customized for the Jail. The old analog intercom head-end system was replaced with a new Harding DXL digital intercom system head-end. An Exacq Technologies digital video recording system was installed with an interface to the touchscreens for camera call-up and display as well as a data-logging system to record security transactions on the PLC/touchscreen system.

In addition to the great job SAS did with the design and build of the system, their programming and installation was quicker than expected despite putting the system through a rigorous testing period. SAS also provided complete training to all personnel.

So this doesn’t sound like this recommendation is from the “way too good to be true” category, there was one minor issue regarding a cross connection with two intercoms that was resolved so quickly it’s hardly worth the mention. I include it to give an indication of how well SAS was on top of the entire process.

It has been many months since the project was completed and we have had zero issues. The Jail personnel are happy with the project and we at the Building Commission look like the smartest people on the planet. I can’t recommend SAS highly enough.”

Executive Director, Bob Scott
Danville, IL