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Eliminate False Alarms and Cost-Effective

Electric Security Fencing

Gallagher electric security fencing systems DETER and detect attack and eliminate false alarms. They also perform a valuable monitoring function on sections of the perimeter fence that are not easily seen due to reduced visibility.

The Gallagher electric security fencing systems are cost effective in both the short and long term, and are easy to maintain and repair, making them the perimeter security solution for facilities worldwide.

Electric security fencing systems from Gallagher provide perimeter fencing solutions for a wide range of facilities which:

Intelligently detects attack, differentiating between serious breaches of the fence and disturbances caused by wildlife, birds or weather conditions.


Deter attack through sending a regulated electric pulse around the fence. These pulses give a short, but safe shock, making it almost impossible to climb the fence.


Does not generate false alarms and is unaffected by the environment in which it operates.


Meets stringent safety criteria, providing a humane solution.


Is easy to maintain and is cost effective.

Gallagher electric security fencing systems can also be configured as “low-feel” or “no-feel”. These configurations provide all the advantages of the electric fencing system without the high-voltage feature.
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Electric Security Fencing Systems

Learn how SAS created a custom Electronic Fencing Security System by viewing a whitepaper or contact us today to see how we can develop an effective DETERRANT to perimeter attacks for your facility.