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High Level Video Quality

Security Camera Systems  

Security Automation Systems is experienced in installing a wide variety of security camera system equipment from leading manufacturers.

SAS provides and installs several types of cameras including IP (or network), cameras with built-in IR, thermal imaging cameras, etc. We are experienced in adding new cameras to existing facilities, as well as replacing older, obsolete cameras with IP megapixel cameras. Proper camera selection, placement, and adjustment are key elements to what level of video quality the system will provide. We can assist in selecting the correct security camera system for any application.

Network-Based Security Camera System Solutions

SAS offers complete solutions for our customers that want to install new network-based security camera systems or migrate/upgrade from an existing analog CCTV system to a network-based system. Network-based security camera systems offer several advantages over traditional analog systems and digital video recording systems. One major advantage of the network-based (or IP-based) security camera system is the unmatched scalability. The system can support unlimited servers, sites and clients to allow you to design a system to fit your organization.

Video Management System

Video Monitoring and Recording Systems

Security Automation Systems provides video management systems (VMS) from top manufacturers that are robust and user-friendly. Video monitoring and recording systems are typically one of the most critical systems in your overall security system. A great video system starts with a great camera. Security Automation Systems provides and installs only high-quality camera equipment from leading manufacturers. Proper camera selection, placement, and adjustment are key elements to what level of video quality the system will provide. The cameras and video monitoring system seamlessly integrates with the touchscreen control system for call-up viewing and also the ability to instantly search and retrieve desired video. These events can be saved to a flash drive or emailed as evidence instantly.
With increasing demands to reduce staffing and update security, video analytics / intelligent video software is used to monitor video streams in near real time. The analytics software works in conjunction with the VMS to generate real-time, rule-based alerts by face recognition, vehicles, people of interest and object count in time sensitive situations. Analytics can also provide post-event searches based on events or patterns of specific behavior.
The BriefCam® Video Analytics platform makes video searchable, actionable and quantifiable. Briefcam’s unique fusion of VIDEO SYNOPSIS® and Deep Learning solutions enable rapid video review and search, face recognition, and real-time alerting. With unmatched detection and accuracy, post-event investigations are accelerated with speed and precision. By presenting objects that have appeared at different times within the video simultaneously enables review of hours of video in minutes.

In addition to functions such as time-stamps, event markers, area of interest / area of exclusion there is also enhanced object detection even in extreme video conditions: dark, low contract, small objects.

Custom Solution for You

Security Camera System Solution

Let SAS help design a custom Security Camera System solution for you that will provide superior surveillance for your facility.